Digital maturity level diagnosis

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How can this tool help you?
  • This digital maturity level test will allow you to know, through a series of simple questions, the level of digitalization of your business: Beginner, Conservative, Innovative and Leader. 📊
  • The test is divided into five areas that are key to a comprehensive business transformation: 1.Business Strategy, 2.Culture and People, 3.Infrastructure and Technology, 4.Business Processes and 5.Digital Skills. 💻
  • Knowing what situation you are now is the first step to determining what challenges you face and what measures you can take to continue on the path of digitalization success. 🏆
What will you get after completing it?
  • A detailed report with the analysis of the results obtained, that you will receive via email. 📩
  • The possibility of booking a free 45-minute consultation with an expert to help you delve deeper into your needs. 🤓
  • After this, you will obtain a series of recommendations to improve your situation, without any type of commitment. 📝
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