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We are an independent digital consultancy

Known as Ettnia, why our proposal is that each company we work with ends up being a group of people who have the same level of digitization in common.

That's why it was born

We have a vision

In which European companies they get to have the development adequate social and technological so they can prosper in the future.

Our mission

Be the travel companion of our clients in the process of digital transformation, offering solutions that generate innovation without losing their business essence.

We know

your needs
Have a trusted partner That helps you visualize that technological future without uncertainty.
Imagine and create that digital future Applied in your company, and thus make the change safe and with enthusiasm.
Predict the results That you can get from all the technological changes that can be applied.
Receive quality services Custom-made of the needs of your company.
ettnia philosophy

Know our philosophy

Ettnia symbolizes our value proposition: we want companies to be digital entities.

Where a digital culture based on new values is developed such as seeing work as continuous learning, being flexible in the face of changes in the environment and promoting a meritocracy based on the best ideas.

Without a base digital culture, any technological implementation by itself will not produce a competitive advantage in companies.

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